When I was working as an archaeologist in Arizona a few years back, my friends started calling me “Real Nice” because it was my absentminded response to everything.

-“Man, those Saguaro cactus flowers are breathtaking.”
-“Yeah, they real nice.”

-“Geez, it sure is hot as hell today.”
-“Hmm-mm, real nice.”

-“Hey Juliette, that rattlesnake is about to kill you.”
-Me: “Aw, that’s real nice.”


That’s the motivation behind my moniker.  My motivation for drawing is purely amusement.  I had an awful accident in June 2017 which left me unable to do a lot of the physical activities that have to this point kept me (somewhat) sane. I’ve always drawn little cartoons, but have never been as prolific as I have in the past year, sitting around feeling sorry for myself and with a real awkward hairstyle.  So here they are, in my little corner of the internet.

hospital extravaganza_Fotor

That, and I’m heavily influenced by something one of my soul mates once said.


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